&co. believes partnerships should utilise all available resources - 

be that people, knowledge, finances or influence - to ensure success. 



Cross sector collaboration forum, October 2018

Working as a partnership consultant for PYXERA Global, &co. worked with their current partners and engaged new partners. Key influencers and experts were then invited to Washington DC to host expert expos focused on barriers to solutions and support partnership tracks for the 2018 Global Engagement Forum. Bringing together people from all sectors to focus their interest for two days on developing solutions to global problems is no easy task in times of 24 hour emails and global connections. 

In a twist outside of &co.'s previous global health world, our partnership track focused on Eliminating Marine Debris and Ocean Plastics with Ocean Conservancy and Keep America Beautiful, on Reducing the Skills Gap in STEM with IREX, on Ending Energy Poverty with Shine.org, and Reducing Post-Harvest Loss with the World Food Program.  The Forum took place on October 10th and 11th with over 300 attendees. It also provided &co. with another chance to work with Richard Crespin, Beth Skorochod, and the amazing team at CollaborateUp. A full review of outcomes and a guide to collaborate available soon.



Austrian Fundraising Association Symposium, October 2018

Held at the Microsoft HQ in Vienna, &co. was delighted to speak at the Austrian Fundraising Foundation about the role of corporate volunteering within public sector partnerships. The attendees were from many of Austria's leading non-profits as well as local and global corporations, including old friends from Pfizer, Unilever and Merck. 

An engaging discussion followed the presentation focused on how best to set up volunteer partnerships, how best to manage them for success and how best to ensure they create the impact needed. Some open and honest conversation also happened about past failures and how best to learn from them. Linz Darlington from leading UK volunteer site Benefacto who is doing great work to get more companies engaged in pro-bono engagements.



Partnership and Fundraising Strategy, Jan - May 2018

Strategic thinking about who should be included in any partnership is often key to its success and this was the focus of the work &co. did with TogetHER, a new partnership focused on advocacy for cervical cancer prevention. With former PSI colleague Celina Schocken and Maverick Collective member Kathy Vizas, a strategy was developed to understand what currently exists in the marketplace of cervical cancer support and then determine what would differentiate the role of TogetHER. Diving deep into why people may engage in supporting the prevention of cervical cancer - from personal experience, a frustration with the status quo, or a desire to empower women and girls - a partnership strategy based on each group's unique needs and unique opportunities was developed.



Partnership Communications Review, April - June 2018

Partnerships that have been going for a while often need a little help to review how they are living up to initial intentions and determine if there are now learnings that could support their work. 

A project with the Task Force for Global Health asked just that question about their initiative's behavior change communications for a children's health project in Bangladesh. Working with former PSI colleague, the wonderful Donna Sherard from Mosaic Health Consulting, &co. reviewed communications from over 30 countries and developed a series of recommendations to support the partnership's communications work going forward.



Partnership Communications Materials for Impact 2030, May 2018

Moving from the small 'p' private sector to the larger corporate players, it is often hard to know exactly how to position an opportunity. It's easy to talk about what we need, less easy to always know what a partner wants. Sectors speak their own special languages and often times we may need an outside eye to tell us what makes us stand out from the crowd. 

Working with Impact2030 to enhance their partnership materials was really fascinating for &co. in terms of understanding how business can play a further role in the SDGs through employee engagement, as well as enhance how the partnership with business can create significant impact on the SDGs. 



The National Academies, Partnership Forum Workshop, October 2017

As a member of the Planning Committee, &co. had worked with fellow committee members to create a useful discussion on stronger governance in PPPs. For two days I joined multi sectoral practitioners and implementers to discuss how to make the partnership governance process simpler, clearer and ultimately, more institutionalised.

After a vibrant discussion on the semantics of "public private" versus "multi sectoral" partnerships, speakers from across the sectors debated the merits and practices of governance in partnerships. Whether it was the difficulties of Global Fund board governance from the previous Executive Director or the need for ethical standards for partnerships from the former Nigerian Minister of Health, experts agreed on the need for strong governance, created prior to the partnership and with the involvement of all parties. A panel filled with lawyers held a lively debate focused on the questions that non-lawyers try to confuse them with on a regular basis. A meeting of the report can be found here.



Multi sectoral, action oriented workshop, October 2016

Convening leaders from the public and private sectors, Cate and the corporate partnership team at PSI devised a workshop focused on Making Markets Work and the role that partnerships can play in creating and sustaining healthy markets.

Sessions explored the components of a Market Development Approach (a PSI devised strategy that reviews market successes, failures and key players), Human Centered Design and Measuring Impact. Over three days of knowledge sharing, learning and healthy debate, it was clear that those present have the power to transform markets and better serve communities when solutions are created with them and not for them.

This workshop was devised by the talented Corporate Partnerships team at PSI and with the support of Pfizer, The Curious Company, CollaborateUp and Pyxera Global.

A previous workshop was held in October of 2014 with the support of the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth University. 



Collaborative approach to supporting communities impacted by Zika, April 2016

&co. knows that when people have access to useful information and helpful products, they are better able to make healthy choices for themselves and their families. In the case of Zika, traditional donors were not able to unlock funds as quickly as needed to ensure solutions to problems on the ground .

Working with knowledge of the markets, the communities and the immediate needs, Cate reached out to the PSI corporate partnership community who could work with agility and purpose to get help where it was needed. In just a week, the fund raised $500,000 from Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic, Household and Consumer Goods companies enabling the distribution of more than 28,000 Zika Kits to families across five impacted countries. These kits provided products for safe behaviour by families in their homes. Funds raised went onto leverage a further $3.5 million from USAID and other traditional funders keen to build on the work started. 



USAID Global Health University Panel, March 2014

One of my biggest joys is bringing people together to talk about partnerships, the role they play in creating impact and change and thinking with others about what we can create for good. 

Watch here to see how Johnson & Johnson, Unilever and P&G bring their partnerships together and why working in partnership matters so much to these multi national companies. 



Private sector pro-bono engagements, 2012- 2017

At the heart of all partnerships are people committed to a cause working together. Nowhere is this better illustrated than in fellowships or pro-bono engagements between multi sectoral partners. Over six years, whilst at PSI, Cate worked with a number of private sector partners including Pfizer, Merck, Eli Lilly and Alere to develop, operationalise, manage and evaluate fellowship programs. 

These programs are either individual focused, partnerships or team based and can take place in a single country or across a number based on the scope of work. Ensuring that the fellows have both experience to offer as well as a desire to learn more has been key and has meant that fellows are either young managers or more experienced company leaders. What is clear, regardless of experience, is the value created for all involved. 

In 2012 Cate helped design and operationalise the Richard T. Clark Fellowship program for the Merck Foundation.The inaugural fellowship focused on five Merck/MSD employees spending three months working with PSI, a global non-profit organization. The program leveraged the skills and talents of Merck and MSD employees to build and support humanitarian organizations' efforts to answer the health needs of the underserved. It also aimed to strengthen the capability and reach of charitable organizations focused on improving access to health services and health outcomes. At the same time, it provided Merck employees with unique development opportunities that helped expand their understanding of critical health needs in different parts of the world

Click here to watch Cate talk about the program with Brian Grill, from the Merck Foundation and Rob Dribbon, one of the first volunteers, at the International Volunteers Conference in Washington DC in April 2013.



Pyxera Global Citizen Magazine, April 2017

Partnerships, between the private sector, philanthropists, governments and NGO, are at the heart of collaborations to solve at least three non-communicable diseases - cervical cancer, hypertension and diabetes.

Click here to read an article, written with &co. collaborator Dr Heather White for Pyxera's Global Citizen Blog, explaining our thinking and some ideas of what can be done.



USAID Global Partnerships Week, March 2015

Much of the energy in a partnerships is spent on identifying and designing partnerships, with relatively little on how to sustain and evolve a partnerships and relationships over time.

Thinking on the growing trend of establishing more formal relationship management structures and processes to help maintain 'partnership health' and to sustain and deepen relationships over time, &co. joined a panel of leaders from the public, private and nonprofits sectors used relationship management approaches, could speak to the value of such approaches, and the need for getting it right.

The panel was part of USAID's Global Partnership Week in March 2015 and a link to a brief summary can be found here



The National Academies, Partnership Forum Workshop, November 2015

A 2-day public workshop, held by the PPP Forum of the National Academies, explored the evolution of private sector in engagement in global health, and illuminated its impacts and potential impacts on global health stakeholders and the field broadly. Cate joined a panel, chaired by Merck Foundation, alongside Estee Lauder, PepsiCo and Eli Lilly to talk about partnership opportunities for shared value in global health and beyond.  A report of the meeting can be accessed here.

For more information on how &co. can work with you to develop partnerships, fellowships and influence, please click here to get in touch.