Whether you're just getting started, or if you're stuck where you are, &co. can help.

In addition, we develop partnership skills building workshops to help increase capacity.


  • Strategy: Working with the in house team to develop strategy, review necessary resources (financial and human) and create a landscape of potential partners to work with.
  • Databases: Utilizing existing relationships and knowledge of the partnership market to develop unique databases of potential partnerships.
  • Governance: Working through the legal structures and governance processes needed to get the partnership off the ground and set up for success from the start.

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  • Process and Progress: Working with the partnership teams to ensure effective and efficient partnership process to fuel progress against measured goals.
  • Relationship Management Skills: Building individual skills to ensure better day to day relationships within a partnership to ensure greater outcomes.
  • Measurement and Effectiveness: Devising and defining partnership objectives that are measurable and realistic.
  • Communications: Telling the story of the partnership through communications planning including channels, headlines and social media.

Keeping a partnership going can be hard. Look at & work we've done to get some inspiration and keep the momentum going. 


  • Partnerships 101: A multi day workshop devised to help build partnership skills within an organization. This workshop can be tailored based on time available, skillset of participants and individual needs of the organizations involved. Focus areas of the training include: Benefits of Partnering, Partnership Models, Prospecting, Relationship Management Skills, and Communications Planning
    • Event Planning: Working with organizations to create partnership seminars, training and events to highlight outcomes achieved, skills for partnerships or new ways of working to create impact. &co. will work with an existing event team or bring in additional partners based on the needs of the event.
    • Partnerships Initiation Workshop: Getting a partnership started right is key. &co. creates a dynamic environment, through strategic exercises and workshop activities, to bring a partnership team together for long term success.

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